Controlled Temperature Chambers

The Varicon Aqua CTC’s are a range of high efficiency Incubators designed to meet the specific requirements of scientist and production specialist working in the field of photo-synthetic organisms. The CTC is a temperature controlled incubator which can be manufactured to meet the specific light requirements of a range of photosynthetic organisms with regards to light intensity and wavelengths.


The CTC can be supplied for either plate or flask culture and can be designed to incorporate a range of gas flow inlets with individual flow controls if flasks are to be utilised. A range of CTC Incubators are available to accommodate your replicate requirements or individual CTC’s can be configured in duplicate or triplicate to suit specific experimental designs.


Externally the CTC can be supplied with a range of instrumentation and ancillary controls for management of photoperiod and measurement of gas mass flow-rate for a range of gases such as Air, CO2 etc. Please feel free to call or email us to discuss your projects or specific design requirements. We have extensive experience and will do our very best to guide and advise where possible.