Microalgae and Hydroponic cultivation experiments


Redono is performing hydroponic plant cultivation and microalgae cultivation researches together with the Clean Technologies Department in Metropolia, University of Applied Science, Vantaa. 


Exciting to see how we can make organic hydroponic fertilizers from brewery and aquaculture sidestreams. The goal is to use these sidestreams as organic fertilizers that will be used in hydroponic systems as well for microalgae cultivation. Redono’s goal is to cultivate new high-quality products by recycling industrial organic nutrient rich waters. 

In our hydroponic system we are using the Valoya BL-series LED growlights for high performance cultivation.

In our microalgae researches we are cultivating microalgae species such as HaematococcusPluvialis and Auxenochlorellaprotothecoides. These microalgaes can be used in new fish- and animal feeds, that contains high nutritional values, with many studied health benefits. These algaes have also been studied to be an excellent food source for animals and also for us people.

We are on a mission to revolutionize the industrial industry with our innovative business model and biotechnological platform.

REDONO is purifying industrial waters and utilizes CO₂-emissions with a microalgae cultivation process for new high-quality products.