Redono is the first technology provider for microalgae cultivation in Finland


Redono Oy, has achieved a new level, not only as biotechnology provider, but also as a representative for Varicon Aqua, with their excellent products and services for microalgae cultivation. This allows us to offer our universities and industries in Finland with the latest products and services for cultivating microalgae, through the exclusive agent agreement that we signed Read More

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Microalgae cultivation


We are currently cultivation microalgae species such as Haematococcus Pluvialis and Auxenochlorella protothecoides. Please read more about these microalgaes in our product page for the BioAlgae-unit. Our goal is to produce microalgaes for new valuable food products, such as fish- and animal feed ingredients or as “SuperFoods”.  The microalgaes can also utilize the nutrients from industrial sidestreams and Read More

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Microalgae and Hydroponic cultivation experiments


Redono is performing hydroponic plant cultivation and microalgae cultivation researches together with the Clean Technologies Department in Metropolia, University of Applied Science, Vantaa.    Exciting to see how we can make organic hydroponic fertilizers from brewery and aquaculture sidestreams. The goal is to use these sidestreams as organic fertilizers that will be used in hydroponic Read More

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