Redono offers new sustainable biotechnological solutions for purifying our environment and creating new valuable products. Please contact us for any further questions.


Siirry palvelusivulle: BioFeed

The BioFeed-unit can pretreat the industrial sidestrams and produce liquid fertilizers called BioFeeds. BioFeed-fertilizers are optimum fertilizers for microalgae and plant cultivation.

Siirry palvelusivulle: BioAlgae

The BioAlgae unit can purify waters, utilize CO₂-emmissions and produce microalgae for new valuable products.

Siirry palvelusivulle: BioHydro

The BioHydro-unit is a fully automated and controlled hydroponic system for effective plant cultivation.

Siirry palvelusivulle: Varicon Aqua Photobioreactors

Varicon Aqua is the manufacturer of the Phyco-™ range of photobioreactors and the Cell-Hi line of algal nutrients.

Siirry palvelusivulle: Varicon Aqua Consumables

The Cell-Hi range of algae cultivation medium provides all the necessary nutrients, trace elements and vitamins stabilised within a formulation that when re-constituted provides everything needed for optimal algal growth.

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