UrbanHopsFarm is an indoor hydroponic hops farm solution for year round production of fresh hops for breweries.

Download our presentation for UrbanHopsFarm here: Redono_Urban Hops Farm_deck_1.9

HydroHumala PILOT

Our HydroHumala PILOT will demonstrate the proof-of-concept by producing fresh hops in collaboration with Tornion Panimo’s brewery and Metropolia University of Applied Science, Urbanfarmlab, located in Vantaa.

HydroHumala PILOT will produce approx. 40 kg of fresh hops.

Breweries can then produce approx. 3000 liters of a new type of beer, using 100% fresh hops, resulting in “WET HOPS BEER”.


What Is a Wet Hop Beer?

Wet-hopped, or “fresh hop,” beers are traditionally brewed during hop harvest season (unlike other hoppy beers, which are produced year-round). Hops are considered “fresh” if they are preserved as a whole cone–even if they are kilned–and used soon after harvesting. Wet hops are hops that have not been dried and are often much more aromatic and have high levels of oil and acidity, resulting in sharp, earthy, and extremely flavorful beers.

Please contact if you are interested in our HydroHumala-solution for your hops production.



Utilizing brewery sidestreams such as organic wastewaters and CO2-emissions, we can connect our farming technologies with our BioFeed-solution. We are demonstrating the production of liquid fertilizers to produce fresh hops with our HydroHumala-solution, fresh food with Urban Crop Solutions, and microalgae production, biotechnological water purification and CO2-utilization with our BioAlgae-solution using Varicon Aqua technologies.